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What we do

Video content that converts

We specialize in creating video content that drives business results. Getting attention is more difficult now than ever! Learn how we can create content that will convert your ideal target audience into loyal customers!

Our extensive background in marketing, sales & video production allows us to provide our clients with exceptional promotional services geared towards driving growth!

Our hyper-focus on creating an edge for local businesses ensures their longevity in an ever-changing digital world.

Our Services

Your Solution for content marketing


High-quality content involves a strategy tailored to reaching your business goals.


We drive the best elements together to produce visuals that convert.


Capture the aspects of your business you wish to highlight.


We manage the project from conception to creation. Which can include crew, talent, permits, and overcoming any obstacles in our path.


We are your storyteller and problem solver molding together content that resonates. Consisting of all the components necessary to drive your message.


Without exposure, your content might not get the recognition it deserves! Our team will design a hyper-targeted AD Campaign to ensure the results you desire.


"Taylor Louis media has been nothing but good for our business. From the professional and stunning shots to his amazing personality, the whole experience is worth every penny! I highly recommend any business attempting to market or brand themselves to do it professionally with the help of Taylor Louis Media!"

Tom Corradino
Absolute Performance Training

"He captured our vision and feel"

"Taylor Louis Media did an incredible job with creating video and photo content for Rove boutique. He captured our vision and feel in the videos and the editing on the photos was beautiful"

Karla Aceves
Rove Boutique

"Very Efficient Process"

"Taylor Louis Media provided us with excellent branding content. He maintains a very efficient process that makes it seamless for everyone involved!"

Tony Berrafato
Mississippi Mudds

Our Process

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  1. Strategy

    We will start with your goals! What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Increase social media presence, more traffic to your website, product promotion, increase in sales? We will determine your target audience and intended distribution strategy. Our marketing efforts will be your ultimate assist to reach your goals!

  2. Creative

    We will develop the messaging, visuals, and call to action needed to reach your desired goals. Through our collaborative efforts, we will dial in your exact vision for each project. This will ensure a cohesive creative strategy.

  3. Pre-Production

    We will develop a project proposal consisting of video objectives, target audience, core message, budget, and deadline. Once the proposal is approved we will create a script, storyboard, cast talent, scout location, and schedule our shoot!

  4. Production

    Lights, camera, action! We will arrive on the date scheduled for our shoot prepared with everything needed to create our content. This will include all equipment, talent, and any other elements to ensure an efficient process.

  5. Post-Production

    We will upload all our footage to two separate backup hard drives. Then we will cut each clip down to its most essential parts. We will group and organize the footage. Then we will start working through the script and storyboard ordering your footage correctly. This process includes recording voiceovers, sound design, color grading, music, graphics, animated text, and special effects.

  6. Distribution

    In this final step of our process, we will determine your ideal distribution outlets such as sharing your video on social media, embedding it in an article, sharing it with industry outlets, asking industry influencers to share it, putting paid advertising behind it so it gets in front of your target audience or sharing it via an email newsletter. We will render the content in the correct format for your desired distribution outlets. Finally, we will set up analytics for us to track these efforts.